The elephant in the room

Heating your rooms uses more energy than everything else you do at home.

It’s funny, because when you ask people about their homes energy consumption they tend to think about electricity. We’ve all been banged over the head for “leaving the lights on” and about “turning things off at the wall” but the truth is that electricity use represents just 15% of the average homes energy bill.

Whilst it’s obviously important to be aware of your electricity use, it’s naturally harder to understand exactly how much energy you’re spending on central heating because most of the time you can’t see it! Gas bills are notoriously hard to make any sense of and although clever thermostats like the Nest and Heat Genius help people control the temperature of their rooms with greater accuracy the quantity of energy most heating systems use is not something of which we are even vaguely aware.

Smart meters, and other visual energy displays rarely help either, since they focus on displaying information about your electricity consumption. But the fact is, on average, over 65% is spent on heating up the air.

The chart above shows home energy demand according to use. It is based on modelling from government data because every home is different. However everyone agrees that heating rooms (yellow/red) uses the lion’s share.

So, when the subject is home energy consumption, the elephant in the room is hiding in the air, which is why we are working on products like Radiator Squirrel, to bring down this huge slice of domestic energy usage by saving you energy, carbon emissions and money at the same time.