“My home is certainly much warmer and my direct debit for energy has decreased from about £120 per month to £80, So I’m extremely delighted with the result.”
Beth G, Stocksfield Community Association

“We fitted them in the bedrooms over a year ago because we could never get the rooms warm. Now they are the warmest rooms in the house. So cosy!”
Claire E, Biggin Hill

“We used to struggle to get the house warm but since fitting the Squirrels it has got so toasty even on frosty mornings that we’ve actually turned the heating down”

“Excellent product – great idea and so simple to fit, yet it works! How come nobody thought of this before?”
Jonathan G, Oxted

“The room gets heated faster with the Radiator Squirrel and surprisingly with a smaller energy input.”
M Yebiyo, Researcher at London South Bank University.

“The Radiator Squirrel resulted in a faster time to heat a room and energy consumption was lower.”
Dr Issa Chaer, Chartered Engineer & PhD in Heat Transfer.