Radiator fans

Radiator Squirrel and radiator fans both work on the principle that radiator design is poor and hasn’t improved for decades. They both boost radiator output and the Squirrel can also be used throughout the home as an energy saving device typically with a 2 year payback.

Radiator fans can be fitted to radiators in order to blow hot air into a room. They are electric fans so they can be noisy but are very effective in making a room warmer. If the room has a thermostat then it may be turned down, which could bring about a saving on energy bills. The downside is that the other rooms in the house may become colder, which is where savings come from. You can avoid this problem by fitting radiator fans to the other rooms but this may become expensive both to purchase, and to run.

Comparison of a single medium sized radiator fan versus a single Radiator Squirrel:
Radiator fan vs Radiator Squirrel costs

The difference is noticeable, however, it becomes even more apparent in a comparison of a ‘typical’ 3 bedroom house fitted with a set of Squirrels or fans.
Radiator fan vs Radiator Squirrel


  1. All costs and payback accurate at date of publishing in May 2016 but may not be updated.
  2. Every effort has been made to make this information accurate but please do not take this comparison as financial guidance because individual circumstances will vary.