Independent test results

Once we had our patent under way we needed to have Radiator Squirrel’s performance independently verified by an institution specialising in energy management in buildings, and this led us to London South Bank University to get the Squirrel tested.

London South Bank University (LSBU) was established as the Borough Polytechnic Institute in 1892, making it one of London’s oldest Universities.  Among its seven schools is the internationally renowned School of the Built Environment and Architecture.

Dr Issa Chaer, Course Director at the school, has been leading the LSBU team in researching the Radiator Squirrel.  Issa is a Chartered Engineer with a PhD in Heat Transfer and a profound knowledge in energy and heating.  His specialist fields are energy conversion and energy management including alternative and renewable technologies, energy conversion, and novel techniques to reduce energy demand.

Once testing was underway it soon became apparent that Radiator Squirrel was having an immediate and significant effect, and this was highlighted when heating costs were reduced by 11.5% under test conditions.  It was also found that our Squirrel was producing other benefits such as by decreasing the time taken to achieve comfort, and LSBU are still looking into this.