Energy Squirrel – FAQ

1. How much will Radiator Squirrel save?
It will depend on a whole range of things such as the age and condition of the house, radiators, and boiler, how warm you like to be, and how often you have the heating on, etc – not to mention what fuel type & tariff you are on. However for a ‘typical’ household with mains gas the savings will typically be a minimum of 11.5%. So the payback time should be very quick and you can soon be spending the savings on yourself and your loved ones – year after year.
If you have oil fired heating the savings will be greater because oil is a more expensive fuel.

2. What is Radiator Squirrel?
Radiator Squirrel is an innovative radiator attachment that boosts heat output and saves energy. It works on steel panel radiators that are fitted to central heating systems in the majority of UK homes.

3. What does Radiator Squirrel do?
Radiator Squirrel boosts heat output to help you save energy by making your central heating system more efficient. It increases radiator heat output so you can choose to have the room warmer if you wish.

4. How does Radiator Squirrel save me money?
It is an unfortunate fact that all heating systems waste energy; quite a lot of energy. This is one of the reasons that central heating accounts for around 66% of typical UK annual energy bills. Boilers waste energy whenever they run, and it is this waste that the Squirrel reduces. Radiator Squirrel will boost heat output so that rooms warm up faster and boilers run for less time. And because the boiler runs for less time it wastes less energy. Voila – smaller bills.
But it doesn’t end there. If fitted throughout the whole house, Radiator Squirrel will allow you to turn the heating on later in the morning and still be warm by the same time. So there is even less energy needed.
And finally… the bonus; the extra heat at the front of the radiator causes the air to rise faster and this cleverly draws heat away from the wall and into the room. This reduces the heat lost into the wall, and further saves energy.

5. Where on a radiator should I fit Radiator Squirrel?
Radiator Squirrel should be fitted on the front of a radiator, at the top centre.

6. How many radiators should I put one on?
Putting a Radiator Squirrel on just one radiator will give good results, but for optimum performance we recommend putting one on each of the main radiators in a house.

7. How good is Radiator Squirrel?
Radiator Squirrel is unique in the way it boosts heat output and reduces wasted energy – hence the patent. In recognition of the significance of these unique and innovative features the UK Technology Strategy Board funded testing at the London South Bank University to independently investigate our Squirrel’s performance.

8. Why is Radiator Squirrel better than other radiator attachments?
Radiator Squirrel’s unique performance has been scrutinised and confirmed by two independent research organisations; Wolverhampton University and London South Bank University. Hence you can be assured that it does what it says on the tin.
Unlike our Squirrel, most radiator attachments have electric fans which some people might consider a little noisy and unreliable, not to mention a bit bulky. And, of course they need an electrical supply and a nearby socket to plug the cable in to.

9. What is it made from?
Radiator Squirrel is carefully engineered from a range of advanced materials. There is an electronics grade ceramic for drawing heat out of the radiator into the alloy plate which, in turn, has 5x better heat transfer characteristics of the metal that most radiators are made from. The plate is then finished in a white coating to blend in with a standard radiator, and this coating has been especially developed to amplify the heat output. The design is quite unique and well thought through – hence the patent.

10. How long will Radiator Squirrel work?
Radiator Squirrel has no moving parts and should last as long, or longer, as the radiator to which it is fitted, providing it isn’t removed or damaged. Occasional gentle cleaning with a damp cloth to remove the dust will keep it working as good as new.

11. Is there a guarantee?
We guarantee that, if properly fitted, our Squirrel will increase the heat output of your heating system and save you money. However, performance will depend on a whole range of circumstances (see FAQ 1) so we cannot be precise about the savings.

12. Where does Radiator Squirrel work best in the house?
We originally designed our Squirrel to be fitted on all the major radiators in a house; the living spaces such as lounge, bedrooms, kitchen, etc but maybe not in the hallway & downstairs loo. However all houses are different so our advice is that the most important place to fit our Squirrel is on the room with the room thermostat otherwise this room may overheat.

13. Where can I buy Radiator Squirrel?
For homeowners, Radiator Squirrel is easy to buy online. For other inquiries such as Housing Associations, offices and commercial properties please email us on our contact page.

14. How does it work?
Radiator Squirrel uses a clever combination of heat transfer techniques:

  1. It draws additional heat out of the radiator and disperses it into the room by a combination of radiation and conduction. This causes the room and its occupants to warm up faster.
  2. This reduces the duration that boilers have to work which, in turn, leads to energy savings.
  3. This additional heat changes the way heat rises in the air above the radiator such that less heat is wasted heated the wall.

15. What makes Radiator Squirrel unique?
A lot of thought, hard work and know-how went into making the Squirrel perform as well as it does – hence the patent. We have also tried to make it as discrete as possible in order to give your heating a boost without being bulky or noisy.

16. How is it fitted?
The Squirrel is easy to install – almost anyone can do it and it takes only a few minutes per radiator. The standard installation method is to clean the top of the radiator and then apply a special purpose adhesive strip to the radiator, and another to the Squirrel. Leave it for twenty minutes and then take a few minutes sticking the Squirrel to the radiator with a firm hand. There is no electrical or plumbing work required and no need for professional help.
If you fit several Squirrels, we recommend that you reprogram the boiler to come on later in the morning. We suggest you try 20 minutes later to start with and then check the next day to make sure the home is up to temperature by the same time. And adjust accordingly as required.

17. What sort of radiators does it work on?
The Squirrel is only intended for use on the popular steel panel radiators that are in around 80% of the UK’s houses. They come in a large range of shapes and sizes and look similar to this one:

A suitable radiator for Radiator Squirrel

18. How do I know if my radiators are made of steel?
Most panel radiators are made from steel but if you are uncertain put a magnet on the radiator; if it sticks it is steel. If it doesn’t, it isn’t. A fridge magnet will do.

19. I have column radiators – can I use Radiator Squirrel on them?
No, sorry, it doesn’t work on this type of radiator:

column Radiators will not work on

20. I have night storage heaters – can I use Radiator Squirrel on them?
No, sorry

21. I have curved radiators, will Radiator Squirrel work?
No, sorry

22. I have electric radiators, will Radiator Squirrel work?
No, sorry

23. I have aluminium radiators, will Radiator Squirrel work?
It may do a little but we couldn’t guarantee it.

24. I have a smart central heating controller. Will Radiator Squirrel work?
Yes, really well. Radiator Squirrel will enhance the performance of smart controllers because it makes your heating system more responsive.

25. I have a window sill/shelf very close to the top of my radiators, will I still be able to fit Radiator Squirrel?
You will need at least 6cm of space above the radiator to fit the Squirrel.

26. Can I fit more than one Squirrel to a radiator? And will it work?
If the radiator is more than 1m wide, then yes to both questions.

27. I have radiators that are wider than Radiator Squirrel – what do I do?
That’s fine; the Squirrel has been designed to work on a range of radiator widths and we normally recommend one per radiator. However, on a wide radiator more than one may be fitted if you wish. Our normal guidelines are one Squirrel per radiator.

28. How big is each Squirrel?
Each one is 41cm wide x 10cm high x 4mm thick

29. Will Radiator Squirrel reduce my carbon footprint?
Yes, definitely, because it improves the efficiency of your central heating system. On a ‘typical’ house a single plate should save around 295kg of carbon dioxide a year.

30. Can Radiator Squirrel be recycled?
Yes, in the unlikely event that you need to dispose of one they can be recycled at your local waste disposal site – pop it in the metals bin. Or take it to an aluminium recycler.

31. Can Radiator Squirrel be painted?
Painting may influence the performance of radiators as well as the Radiator Squirrel. Thicker paints, especially gloss or metallic ones may degrade your radiator as well as the Squirrel. But providing this has been thought through, yes, it is OK to paint the Squirrel.

32. Can Radiator Squirrel be fitted at the back of the radiator?
It isn’t optimum and we recommend that you put it on the front where it is at its best.

33. Does Radiator Squirrel work well with reflective radiator foils?
Yes, they are a good combination as the foil will reflect waste heat away from the wall back into the radiator, and the Squirrel will deliver it into the room.

34. Does Radiator Squirrel work well with radiator fans?
Yes, providing they both fit OK.

35. Can Radiator Squirrel be fitted at the bottom of the radiator?
No, there is much less heat at the bottom of the radiator and the Squirrel wouldn’t work as well.

36. Can I take it off when I don’t need it to work?
We wouldn’t advise it because it will damage the adhesive strip. We recommend that once fitted, you shouldn’t remove it until you no longer want the energy savings.